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Restaurant & Events

We have designed our restaurant with great love for nature, enter our tastefully decorated rooms! Gaststube, Blauer Stube, Wiesngrund or Wildblick, with a total of 250 seats is the right thing for every occasion!

In summer we also welcome you in our beer garden or on the terraces! Enjoy hunting fresh game from the surrounding forests, Altmühltaler Lamb, regional Bavarian and Franconian specialties, homemade snacks and homemade cakes in a cozy atmosphere.

Our kitchen has already won several awards and prizes, so have a look and enjoy it soon!

You can see an extract of our menus here:


Enjoy, feast, celebrate and relax, with us your party will be an unforgettable experience. Baptism, communion, wedding, birthday, anniversary, with us you are in the best hands.

We are happy to advise you in a personal conversation, you celebrate, we take care of you and your guests!


Our menu suggestions

Of course, you may put these together at will!

Menu 1:
Bavarian liver dumpling soup

Young roast pork in beer cumin sauce and
Sauerbraten in sweet and sour sauce with raisins

with spaetzle, potato dumplings, croquettes and a mixed salad

Fruit quark with cream vanilla ice cream

3-course € 19.80



Menu 2:
Franconian holiday soup
with liver dumplings, roast dumplings and pancakes

Young roast pork in beer cumin sauce and
Veal cream roast in veal cream sauce

Spätzle, potato dumplings and a mixed salad

Vanilla ice cream with hot chocolate sauce

3-course € 22.00



Menu 3:
Broccoli cream soup

Roast venison in chanterelle cream sauce and
Veal cream roast in veal cream sauce

Spätzle, potato dumplings, croquettes and a mixed salad

Chocolate mousse in wake-up-cup

3-course € 22.80



Menu 4:
Colorful salads with fried mushrooms

Pork tenderloin in cream sauce and
Wild boar roast in juniper sauce with bacon mushrooms

Spätzle, croquettes and red cabbage

Fruit salad with vanilla ice cream

3-course € 25.95



Menu 5:
Swabian Ravioli soup with fried onions

Roast venison in juniper sauce with chanterelles and
California Symphony
- Schnitzel stuffed with ham, pineapple and asparagus, breaded and baked
with spaetzle, croquettes and a mixed salad

Red wine cream with fresh fruits

3-course € 25.80



Menu 6:
Colorful salads with fried king prawns

Parsley root soup

Tafelspitz in the root sud
plus a hearty horseradish sauce, mashed potatoes and stewed vegetables

Chocolate mousse with fruits

4-course € 28.95



Menu 7:
Variation of smoked trout and smoked salmon

White Beer Krensuppe

Tender chicken breast fillet fried and fried
Zander filet
of rust with melted herb butter
with butter rice, croquettes and fine vegetables

Vanilla ice cream with cream and hot raspberries

4-course € 31.00



Menu 8:
Colorful salads with fried mushrooms

Franken wine cream soup

Crispy goose breast in rosemary thyme sauce and
Wild boar roast in juniper sauce with bacon mushrooms
dumplings, creamy savoy cabbage and red cabbage

Ice cream in pancake coat with chocolate sauce

4-course € 32.00



samstags & sonntags,

jeweils von 11-19 Uhr



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